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Won’t recognise Taliban govt if it takes power by force, say UNSC envoys

Tribune News Service

New Delhi, August 6

The entire democratic bloc at the UN Security Council on Thursday spoke in one voice against recognising a Taliban government that comes to power by force even as the militant group’s depredations continued in Afghanistan.

At the first UNSC discussion, being held under India’s presidency, the Afghan envoy said the Taliban continue to enjoy safe havens in Pakistan. The envoys of UK, US, France, Ireland, Norway and Estonia called upon the Taliban to engage meaningfully and spoke against providing aid to the government that does not respect human rights.

France called on the Taliban to end violence and said they must be held accountable for their crimes and there can be no cloak of impunity surrounding violations of international human rights. The sentiment in the ongoing discussion was that a negotiated settlement should guarantee inclusive governance and human rights protections, especially for women.

Afghanistan media official shot

The Taliban on Friday shot dead in Kabul Afghanistan government’s media centre director Dawa Khan Menapal.

Nishan Sahib removed

India has condemned forcible removal of Nishan Sahib atop the roof of Gurdwara Thala Sahib in Afghanistan’s Paktia.

Dismantle Taliban’s safe havens: India

India on Friday pointed out that enduring peace in Afghanistan required the immediate dismantling of terrorist safe havens in the region and complete disruption of supply chains.

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