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Why talk so seriously, PM asks Chandigarh girl; she says ‘not serious, just disciplined’

Aditi Tandon

New Delhi, January 24

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday held a freewheeling discussion with the winners of National Child Awards, 2022, asking them about their dreams, inspirations and future goals.

Among the awardees the PM engaged was Tarushi Gaur of Chandigarh, the youngest girl to win degree one black belt and degree two black belt in taekwondo.

Gaur attracted the PM’s attention for her sharp reply to the question about the importance of studies and sports. When asked to comment on the issue, Gaur said, “Work and play are both important to help children make India proud.”

Gaur also told the PM why she considered Olympian boxer Mary Kom her idol.

“Mary Kom embodies work-life balance and teaches us how not to let hardship overwhelm you. She is a great sportsperson and an equally good icon, mother and wife,” Gaur, flanked by the Chandigarh DC and her parents said.

At this point the PM asked her why she talked about such serious stuff. “Sir I do not talk about serious stuff. I have to make India proud and therefore I like to remain disciplined.”

The PM smilingly nodded and spoke of how the government had worked to promote players and support them in the realisation of their goals.

Earlier, the PM also spoke to Meedhansh Gupta from Punjab’s Jalandhar, who has bagged the award for his online portal on Covid-related information.

Meedhansh told the PM that he got the inspiration for the digital service from his father. “I want to teach coding to my friends. I want to develop something like Google and Facebook,” the young boy said with the PM hailing his achievement and noting that the government was geared towards helping youngsters become job creators and entrepreneurs.

The PM began his interaction by speaking to Madhya Pradesh’s Avi Sharma who has written a Valmiki Ramayana version. Talking to Avi, the PM recalled how a young Uma Bharti, the former CM of Madhya Pradesh, inspired him with her power of narration of the Indian scriptures.

“I was hugely inspired by Uma ji,” the PM said, adding that there was something in the rich soil of Madhya Pradesh which gave birth to intellectuals like Uma Bharti and now Avi Sharma.

The PM also interacted with Karnataka’s Remona Evette Pereira whose mother endured several hardships to help her realise the dreams as a dancer, even dancing on broken glass and fire; Tripura’s Puhabi Chakraborti, feted for her digital innovations and Bihar’s Dhiraj Kumar who saved his younger brother from a crocodile attack.

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