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Web series Ranjish Hi Sahi showcases the story of a man caught between devoted wife and a sizzling superstar…


Flashy headbands, sequined dresses, bell sleeves to bell bottoms in the time of Impalas and landlines—a whiff of 70s fashion and life is what Ranjish Hi Sahi, the very recent series on OTT, offers. It is strikingly similar to its creator Mahesh Bhatt’s love, life and films, including Arth and Zakham. The story, based around a flailing director caught between a devoted wife and a sizzling superstar, is written and directed by Pushpdeep Bhardwaj.

“With so many thrillers and crime shows being made, I was keen on making a dramatic love story with music at its core—something that could stand out. Through a lot of research and a lot more conversations, Ranjish Hi Sahi came into being. An attempt to bring out complex human emotions, based in the golden era of the film industry—the glorious 70’s. Recreating this world amidst today’s testing times, was nothing short of miraculous,” says Bhardwaj.

A Vishesh Entertainment production, the series has Tahir Raj Bhasin, Amala Paul and Amrita Puri in a love triangle, which seems like the flavour of the season.

Romantic note

For actor Tahir Raj Bhasin, it’s like a wish-fulfilment, as romantic roles is what he really wanted to try. “When I heard the script of this unique love story, I was instantly gripped by how layered Shankar, the character, is. What drew me to the part was the challenge of a romantic drama where the protagonist is torn between the love of the two women in his life. Shankar blurs the lines between a vulnerable romantic and an authoritative rebel. Playing him was a complex emotional roller-coaster ride, but most of all it was a whole lot of fun,” says Bhasin.

“It is a period romance created by Mahesh Bhatt. Set in the 70s, it explores a passionate love triangle between my character Shankar, his wife (Amrita Puri) and a Bollywood starlet (Amala Paul),” he adds.

Considered a tribute to yesteryear superstar Parveen Babi and director Mahesh Bhatt’s love story, it’s Amala Paul who debuts with the show as she slips into the shoes of superstar Amna Parvez. “When I received a call from Vishesh Entertainment to play this character, my reaction was, ‘Wow! Do I actually resemble a Bollywood superstar from the 70s?’ I was ecstatic, but it came with a huge sense of responsibility. Fierce and unapologetic—to translate that kind of energy on-screen was challenging. It was like a game of imagination, but I did a lot of research. It was surely an enriching experience,” says Paul.

Amrita Puri, who plays the devoted wife, says, “Anju’s simplicity is her strength. Getting into the skin of her character was a learning experience for me. Her life and the times in which she lived are both so different from mine. She is extremely resilient and the reason why the family sticks together. I was amazed with her empathetic nature and capacity to forgive. It’s not easy being a homemaker and the emotional backbone of the family. It gave me a new perspective on things.”

(Ranjish Hi Sahi is streaming

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