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Single mother who swept the streets of Jodhpur cracks Rajasthan Administrative Service exam

Jaipur, July 16

Asha Kandara, a single mother of two kids who once swept the streets of Jodhpur, has cracked the Rajasthan Administrative Service (RAS) examination, attaining 728th rank in the state.

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The results of the prestigious exam were announced on Tuesday night.

Asha, who is presently working as a sanitary worker with the Jodhpur Municipal Corporation (North), simultaneously prepared for the RAS exam while performing her duty.

After separating from her husband eight years ago, she preferred to take the responsibility for her two children on her own.

Refusing to bow down to the challenges of life, she continued studying for the RAS exam even while rendering her duties as a sweeper. During all these years, she was a temporary employee. However, just 12 days before the announcement of RAS results, she was given a permanent position as a sanitary worker.

Asha says that she always dreamt of becoming an RAS officer, especially after seeing senior officers sitting in their chambers as she swept the floors.

Hence, after her graduation, she started preparing for RAS. Finally, her hard work has yielded results and her dreams have come true.


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