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Over 16,000 students still waiting for CBSE class 10 results; here’s why

New Delhi, August 3

Over 16,000 class 10 students will have to wait longer for the result as their marks tabulation is still under process, according to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

The board announced the results for class 10 on Tuesday. However, the scores of 16,639 candidates have been held back.

The CBSE has not yet given any timeline for the announcement of these results.

“Either the data regarding marks of certain subjects was not available for these students or there were some calculation errors by the schools which were rejected by the portal for preparation of results.

“The schools have been asked to resend their marks and their result be announced soon,” a senior board official said.

The board exams were cancelled this year in view of the aggressive second wave of COVID-19 and the results have been prepared on basis of an alternative assessment policy announced by the CBSE.

It is not just the over 16,000 class 10 students who have been kept waiting for their results. The CBSE, last week, held back the results of nearly 65,000 class 12 students.

About the results of class 12 students which have been held back, the board has said, “The result of about 1,060 new schools is still under process as there was no reference year. Hence, the board is looking into the interest of these candidates and their result will be declared latest by August 5.” PTI

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