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OTT boom is here to stay: Manish Wadhwa

Manish Wadhwa, who has recently made his OTT debut with the show Chhatrasal, had shot the series two years back. The actor is happy and hopeful that the show will initiate ways for him to get more work on the web. Manish says, “I’ve played the role of a guru in Chanakya earlier, but this time the role of the guru that I am portraying is completely different. Chanakya was intelligent; he would do anything to achieve what he wanted. But this guru is soft-hearted, he reads the Bhagvad Gita and the Quran. For him religion does not matter, he gives more importance to humanity, which he considers a religion. The character of Chhatrasal’s guru is indeed different.”

Manish adds, “OTT boom is here to stay. The kind of work from all over the world that we are getting to watch on OTT is adding to its relevance. Makers and performers are also being able to experiment and do the kind of work that they want to do. In times like these when we are unable to go to the theatres and given all the restrictions, OTT is providing us with entertainment. We are able to sit at home and binge-watch content that we enjoy.”

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