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India delays emission cuts details

Tribune News Service

New Delhi, July 31

India is among nearly half of the countries that have not submitted new or updated Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), or a list of voluntary steps to tackle climate change.

India and other countries, including China, did not meet the revised deadline, leading UN’s climate chief Patricia Espinosa to state that the situation is “still far from satisfactory, since only a little over half the parties (54 per cent) have met the cut-off deadline”.

“Recent extreme heat waves, droughts and floods across the globe are a dire warning that much more needs to be done, and much more quickly, to change our current pathway. This can only be achieved through more ambitious NDCs,” she said.

By the cut-off date, the UN climate change secretariat received new or updated NDCs from 110 countries, including the US. If needed, an update of the report’s key findings may eventually be prepared to take account of information received after July 30.

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