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I just thrive on music, says actress Lopamudra Raut

How excited are you about The Socho Project?

This is my debut on an OTT platform and I chose this because of its uniqueness. The character that I am playing is very different and important at the same time.

What do you think is the USP of the show?

Definitely the concept. According to me, this kind of content is rare in films too. My character is a reflection of a music-lover, who has come out to break the stereotypes in the industry. There are 25 original soundtracks in the series. So, I just grabbed the opportunity when it popped up.

What was your preparation for the role?

Since I have played a musician in the series, the most important criterion was to get the correct body language. I went to a recording studio to watch the singers and the musicians playing guitar, drums, etc. In between, I also started learning guitar so that also helped. The overall atmosphere on the sets was very musical.

What role has music played in your life?

I thrive on music. It motivates me. There are days when you feel low; then I depend on music to change my mood. Music is indeed a healer.

Tell us about your experience with producer-director duo Mrinal and Abhigyan Jhahellip;

Both of them are extremely talented and experienced. They know exactly what they want from the artistes. Working with them was a great learning.

Since you have debuted on OTT now, what will you change?

I feel actors are like water, they take the shape of the vessel. If the requirements need something specific, I am ready to do it, but that should not be the selling point.

After working in reality shows, what kept you busy?

I have been quite choosy about my work because I was looking for quality and not quantity. And all this while I was also busy learning new things.

What is your aim as an actor now?

I am a greedy actor who wants to explore different territories!

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