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Hasan Zaidi talks to us about his new show Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana, shooting amid Covid-19 pandemic, his life in Lucknow

Which was your last show?

My last show was Beyhadh 2. This was just before the second lockdown. I had a small part in it.

Tell us about the time period when you were away from work.

There was a time when I was trying to figure out what I would like to do in life, be it as an actor or as a person. Also, as you reach a certain age there are times when you just want to sometimes stay away from everything.

What do you think of the title of your new show?

It’s a beautiful title and a beautiful song (referring to the song from the film Dooriyaan featuring Sharmila Tagore) as well which everybody remembers. It’s a very positive title. I hope that we can entertain and take people’s minds away from all the suffering and give them hope.

Tell us something about your role in the show.

The character that I am playing is quite layered. He’s a mature man and has gone through a lot in life. He has moved into a house which has a very happy family but he’s a loner.

How did you prep for this role?

The preparation is to be physically and mentally in tune with what the makers or the writers think about Pritam and accordingly deliver it to the best of my ability. Besides, I lost 12 kg to get somewhere close to what Pritam should look like but that is a physical part of it.

How much do you relate to your character?

I think my sometimes I am moody like Pritam. For me it is essential to understand the character and become friendly with it.

How do you unwind after a tough day at shoot?

The drive from the film city, where we are shooting, to my house takes about an hour at the peak traffic time. When I come home the first thing I do is take a shower. I offer namaz and then I am just surrounded by family. We sit and chat about everything and anything, we all are foodies.

Does playing a lead role put a lot of pressure on you?

I won’t call it pressure really. But there is a sense of confidence because people who want to tell the story are rooting for you through the character.

Entertainment industry has evolved over the years and so has the content on Television. Do you agree?

We have evolved technologically as now we have better equipment to shoot with and we have so many platforms where we can showcase our work. Our storytelling has also progressed slightly but there’s a long way to go.

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