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From using Olympics-issued condom to cameraman jumping with Neeraj Chopra, here are some of the most viral moments from Tokyo Games

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Chandigarh, August 9

The 14 days of exhilarating competition with 206 countries competing at the Tokyo Olympics came to an end on Sunday, but most of us are still on a high.

Happiness and heartbreaks were hand-in-hand as the games made heroes and heartbreaks were felt. Below are a few viral moments of the games that we would always remember.

Using Olympics-issued condom

Australian canoeist Jessica Fox used an Olympics-issued condom to repair her kayak during the K1 women’s event at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. After repairing the kayak she even managed to bag a bronze medal.

“Bet you never knew condoms could be used for kayak repairs,” Jessica Fox captioned the now-viral video online.

Cameraman gets popular with Neeraj

After Neeraj Chopra won the gold for India, a cameraman chased him all over. A picture of him jumping with Neeraj at the same time holding a camera has gone viral.

The Cameraman actually took the Jump with Neeraj at the same time holding a camera. Let’s make this cameraman popular with Neeraj 🙂 #Athletics #Tokyo2020

— Abhijit Deshmukh (@iabhijitdesh) August 8, 2021

Brit girls win hearts

How can we forget the India hockey women players, who did something special at the Olympics. After the heartbreaking loss of India in the bronze medal match, the Britain girls were in a consolation act, which was unprecedented. The picture, which went viral, won respect and much love for the Great Britain girls.

What an amazing game, what an amazing opponent 🙏@TheHockeyIndia you’ve done something special at #Tokyo2020 – the next few years look very bright 👏

— Great Britain Hockey (@GBHockey) August 6, 2021

Sharing friendship ‘Golds

Mutatz Barshim of Qatar and Italy’s Gianmarco Tamberi players decided to share Olympic gold for high-jump. “Sharing with a friend is even more beautiful. … It was just magical.”

The two of them saw their final efforts tied and were offered the chance of a jump-off for victory at a spectator-free Olympic Stadium, before Barshim asked: “Can we have two golds?”

The answer was yes and the jumpers — friends who both overcame injury setbacks to make the games — shared top spot on the Olympic podium.

Coach gone crazy

Fave moment of the Olympics so far. Barshim (Qatar) and Tamberi (Italy) were tied in the high-jump final. The official is there talking about a prospective jump-off, but Barshim asks immediately: “Can we have two golds?” One look, no words exchanged, they know they’re sharing it.

— Andrew Fidel Fernando (@afidelf) August 1, 2021

Australian swimming coach Dean Boxall flipped out after his swimmer Ariarne Titmus won gold in the 400m freestyle ahead of fierce American rival Katie Ledecky.

Roaring with delight, the long-haired swimming coach kicked the air, hammered his fists and ground his hips against a perspex barrier.

Tom Daley knitting in the stands

Non dimentichiamoci e diciamo grazie a dean boxall il coach di ariarne titmus per averci donato uno dei momenti piugrave; alti di questa olimpiade#giochiolimpici #Tokyo2020 #italiateam #ClosingCeremony

— Poison Ivy ४ ☀️ (@GrimmyCullivan) August 8, 2021

British diver Tom Daley after winning gold medal in the 10-metre platform along with teammate Matty Lee was spotted knitting in the stands while cheering for his country in the women’s springboard final.

Oh this? Just Olympic champ @TomDaley1994 knitting in the stands while watching the diving. 🧶

— Olympics (@Olympics) August 1, 2021

Kaylee McKeown’s F..K-bomb

Australian swimmer Kaylee McKeown after winning the women’s Olympic 100m backstroke, earning some words from her mother. McKeown uttered an expletive before covering her mouth after realising what she had said. Her mother told Australian media: “Swearing on TV! I will have to have a word to her later.”

After receiving her gold medal, McKeown said: “I think I might be mum’s favourite for a little bit now. Just a little bit,” she said.

Kaylee McKeown drops the F Bomb right next to the Seebohm 🤣#Swimming #Tokyo2020

— Tim Rosen (@timrosen35) July 27, 2021

Telling pictures of Savita Punia and Sreejesh

And yes, the telling pictures of Savita Punia and Sreejesh after the match that were worth more than one thousand words.

It was heartbreaking to see the Indian women’s hockey team cry as Britain earned the bronze medal after a hard fight at the Olympics. Especially watching Indian goalkeeper Savita Punia, the star of the Indian women’s hockey campaign at the Olympics, breaking down as the game ended, was heartbreaking.

Get yourself a partner who gets as excited to see you as @Simone_Biles was to see her dogs in the crowd after the beam finals 😂❤🥰 #Olympics #SimoneBiles #goals

— Blair Booth (@Polarblair222) August 5, 2021

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