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Debt crisis looms, Lanka Prez vows rights reforms

Colombo, January 18

Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa on Tuesday promised human rights reforms and “justice” for missing persons from the country’s civil war, after years of resisting calls for such measures.

Rajapaksa was speaking before a new session of Parliament as the Sri Lankan Government looks for international support in dealing with a heavy fiscal and debt crisis.

“We reject racism. What this government wants is to equally protect the honour and rights of all citizens. Therefore, I urge politicians who still incite people against each other for political gains to refrain from doing so,” he said.

The Sri Lankan leader said he was willing to take suggestions from the international community on human rights issues.

Since being elected president in 2019, Rajapaksa has sidestepped calls to investigate missing persons from the civil war. — PTI

Fight for Tamil state

Government forces crushed the Tamil Tiger fighters in 2009, ending the movement for an independent state for minority Tamils
Both sides were accused of grave human rights violations

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