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Cash van driver flees with 200 million rupees in Pakistan’s Karachi

Karachi, August 12

In an unusual robbery, a cash van driver fled off with more than 200 million rupees in cash from Karachi’s “Wall Street” leaving the police perplexed.

According to the FIR lodged with the police, driver Hussain Shah of a security company drove off with the van carrying the cash after the van’s security guard went inside the State Bank of Pakistan building on the busy Chundrigar Road to start the procedure for depositing the cash.

The complaint was lodged with the police by the regional operations manager of the cash transportation company.

Chundrigar Road is the financial hub of Pakistan with its central and other banks located on it.

“It is an unusual case. It took place on August 9 in broad daylight,” a senior police officer investigating the case said.

“We are probing the case from different angles because something like this has never happened before,” he said.

Special Investigation Officer (SIO) Chaudhry Tariq said no concrete progress had been made in the case as the driver was yet to be arrested.

“The van belonging to the security company was transporting the cash to the central bank and according to the security guard, Muhammad Saleem, he went inside to start procedure to transfer the cash.

“When he returned to get the van inside, he saw it was missing. He called the driver who told him he would be back in a while as he had to go on an emergency,” Tariq said.

However, when the guard called him again, the driver had switched off his cell phone. The van was traced and found in an area some kilometres away from the central bank with the cash missing.

Along with the cash, the weapons, a camera and a DVR were also missing from the van.

Police have questioned the driver’s father, who said he and his family did not have any ties with the man because the family had kicked him out of the house some six months ago.

Police said the prime suspect hails from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Last week, two guards of a money changer were shot dead in Karachi’s Buffer Zone and a worker was wounded by suspected robbers. They took away around Rs 1 million from the victims and escaped. PTI

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