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Actor Luv Sinha says a lot of factors are involved in the successful journey of any actor


Much in love with films, Luv Sinha is an actor for life. Passionate about photography, this Sinha scion believes in giving one’s best. Taking his time, working towards his goals, Shotgun junior believes in counting one’s blessings and doing all in one’s power to make it a better world for everyone. As the Sinha siblings come together for House of Creativity, an online platform with a selection of works by emerging artists from across the world, Luv Sinha, seen in the films, Sadiyaan and Paltan, talks about work, life amp; more.

Actor Luv Sinha

How has it been working with Sonakshi and Kussh?

Working together has been smooth so far and makes us all very happy.

What does it mean be Shatrughan Sinha’s son and Sonakshi Sinha’s brother?

I am extremely proud to be my father’s son and equally proud of see my sister’s success. In terms of my career, I definitely would have wanted to be in a better space, but again that is not in my hands. A lot of factors are involved in a successful journey. You see many actors who can’t even speak Hindi getting work and some extremely talented ones from NSD or FTII without any work!

‘On the lines of my father’

I like action-thrillers, comedies and court-room dramas. I enjoy love stories too, but I don’t see myself in them. I see myself more on the lines of my father and Mr Ajay Devgn.

How do see yourself in terms of a new venture vis-agrave;-vis acting?

Acting is what I love; just one role can change an actor’s entire professional graph. I don’t believe in quitting. Now I also have House of Creativity to work on!

Any favourite genres when it comes to films?

I like action-thrillers, comedies and court-room dramas. I do enjoy love stories, but I don’t see myself in them. I see myself more on the lines of my father and Mr Ajay Devgn.

How do you view the rise of OTT?

OTT platforms are good; at least the producers have found a way out to recover their costs! I also feel we as an industry need to be more united; we need to figure out ways to generate value instead of being dependent on international platforms. We could have an Indian platform to suit the times.

How is life with a twin?

It is a very strong bond. Honestly, if I give my phone to Kussh, he could very well continue my conversation for our voices are the same! I am more impulsive and bit of an extrovert, but my brother analyses a situation before he responds to it. Makes it good for us, we could combine our strengths and excel!

What are your current projects?

There is one film that has been delayed as of now; it’s an official remake, but yet to be announced. And then there is a web series, a thriller, which Mr Nicky Bhagnani is producing.

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