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24,000 children died by suicide in 2017-19

New Delhi, August 1

As many as 24,568 children, including 13,325 girls, in the age bracket of 14-18 years died by suicide between 2017 and 2019, according to government data consolidated by the National Crime Records Bureau and presented recently in Parliament.

Major reasons

Failure to clear examinations accounted for 4,046 cases
Marriage-related issues, love affair blamed in 3,954 cases
Illness, physical abuse cited as reason in 2,648 cases

In 2017, 8,029 children in the age group of 14-18 years died by suicide. The number rose to 8,162 in 2018 and 8,377 in 2019, it said. The highest deaths were reported from MP (3,115), followed by Bengal (2,802), Maharashtra (2,527) and Tamil Nadu (2,035).

The failure in examination was given as the reason behind the suicide of 4,046 children while marriage-related issue was the reason behind the suicide of 639 kids, including 411 girls, according to the data.

The death of a dear person, drug abuse or alcohol addiction, illegitimate pregnancy, fall in social reputation, unemployment, poverty and ideological causes or hero worshipping were other reasons given for the death of kids by suicide. — PTI

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